UK Championship Tournament

This event on the WWE Network is what got me thinking about writing a blog.  There was a lot of hate put on this event, but when I first saw it advertised, even I didn’t care.  It took me several weeks before I even watched it because I just didn’t think it was worthwhile.  A lot of people put hate into this event, and the biggest reason was because they didn’t know who any of the wrestlers were.  That’s when I changed my mind and decided to watch.

Anyone reading this is a wrestling fan.  However, you weren’t born an instant fan knowing who everyone was and their back-stories etc.  We learned over time.  Hell, when I first saw wrestling on television I had no clue what I was watching, let along who anyone was.  But as a fan we learn, we grow, and we develop too.

Sure we may not know who anyone is in this tournament, but who’s to say we won’t remember some of them when it’s done?  I’ll admit, I don’t remember a lot of the names of the guys who competed.  But there were some who stood out.  Wolfgang, Trent Seven, Pete Dunn, and the eventual winner Tyler Bate. (Spoiler alert ooops).


Sure some of these guys weren’t built like the wrestlers we are used to here in North America.  Sure, we hadn’t heard of them before. But I have to say, that these guys put on one hell of a show!  There were some flubs, there was some lack luster parts, but overall the men involved were out to entertain and that was exactly what they did!

It was nice not knowing them too because there was a slight learning opportunity for those watching at home.  We didn’t know back stories, but it didn’t matter.  What we needed to know at the time was their name, and a bit of their history.  It was no frills, no nonsense wrestling where two guys went out there and put on a show.  To be honest I wish some of the regular shows would do that more often – but that will be for another blog and will probably become an ongoing joke.

All in all, I felt this was a great show.  It was well done and probably one of the sleeper surprises from WWE in recent years.  (update) Seeing the guys from this tournament now showing up on NXT is nice too, as it gives them a chance to showcase more and begin to grow that audience and fan base.  Maybe in time NXT will become a two hour show – it should be!

As a ranking, I give this 4 bodyslams out of 5.